Monday, April 5, 2010

Our Class Wiki - So Far

Although I initially signed up to be a contributor for, "How Business is Using Social Networking" I'm also contributing in other fields as well. I basically try to add on to the, rather vast, information that's already on the wiki, from interesting articles that I stumble upon while roaming the web. I've also added information using some of the interesting class readings as well. I haven't been really active in the wiki lately because of the Spring break (which is already over =/ ) , but I will definitely continue to work on it now that school is starting again.

I will continue to use the same method as I have been doing for the wiki contribution, I will also be using the Baruch database to add information since I'm already using it for other tasks as well. I will also like to do some editing in the future seeing that some stuff are a little outdated.


  1. i am struggling to edited one field and your doing two? Not bad. Keep up the good work.