Monday, April 26, 2010

The Next New Thing

Nearly every kind of 'new media' exist already. For instance, you can do nearly anything you want due to the enormity of apps on the iPhone. I guess for something to be 'new' in new media would be integration of different parts of new media. Have one thing that can do everything efficiently. I personally use Amazon and Youtube a lot. I would browse what product to buy on Amazon and then open a new tab to find video reviews for the product. Why not combine both. It's definitely more helpful to have a video review of how the product looks and feels as well as written personal reviews.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Privacy & Confidentiality

There are definitely privacy issues with new media. Social networking sites might be the ones that are most subjected to this. For instance, people upload a vast amount of information on facebook, including one's birthday, occupation, address, and phone number. Not to mention the loads of pictures people post on their page. If you've ever tried it, it's quite easy to check out a strangers facebook page with just clicks of the mouse. The reason for this is because people either don't know or don't touch their privacy settings.

Users do receive a notification about changing their privacy setting from facebook, but this usually goes ignored. I believe the reason for this is because there isn't much emphasis on the notifications, it's just a small pop up text, where you can easily ignore it. I don't know the actual numbers but identity theft and scams must be at an all time high because of these privacy issues. Although new media makes life easier, it also makes negative things easier as well.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Advice to Baruch College

Although new media was used extensively in our class, it's rather rare for other professors to do use it. If I was hired by Baruch College to use new media to improve the College, I would definitely incorporate some of the new media tools I've learned. I feel that each course should have a wiki, this way students can share information with one another, as well as see the work that previous classes have done. This will allow students to have a better understanding of materials taught in class.

As seen in class, Youtube videos can be very helpful in the learning process, it's definitely more interesting and gets the students attentions. Why not create a Baruch College community channel on Youtube or on the school's webpage. Contents may include anything from giving a tour of the school for upcoming students to recorded class lectures. Hearing or learning something in the classroom just once might not be enough for people; this way students won't have to constantly bother the professor and other students about what was already said.

Whenever the semester starts, you would see so many flyers posted up for books. It's obvious that students want CHEAPER BOOKS! By just giving us bulletin boards to post our flyers in school is not enough, and not to mention extremely wasteful. The school should have a market place (similar to that of Facebook) exclusively for students; where students can buy, sell, and trade school material like books.

These are just some suggestion I have for the school. It's not perfect, but it certainly beats what we have now. The amazing thing is that ALL this is actually possible with new media!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Our Class Wiki - So Far

Although I initially signed up to be a contributor for, "How Business is Using Social Networking" I'm also contributing in other fields as well. I basically try to add on to the, rather vast, information that's already on the wiki, from interesting articles that I stumble upon while roaming the web. I've also added information using some of the interesting class readings as well. I haven't been really active in the wiki lately because of the Spring break (which is already over =/ ) , but I will definitely continue to work on it now that school is starting again.

I will continue to use the same method as I have been doing for the wiki contribution, I will also be using the Baruch database to add information since I'm already using it for other tasks as well. I will also like to do some editing in the future seeing that some stuff are a little outdated.