Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My New Media Class - So Far

New media is definitely a interesting area to study, which is why I find this class to be very interesting thus far. The required assignments are all done and submitted electronically, this makes it very convenient for me, since I'm usually on the computer. This might also be the reason that I tend to finish this class's assignments before my other classes. Anyways, I find the readings for this class to be very informative and interesting. I had no idea, prior to this class that wiki's can be integrated into the classrooms; which is a great idea!

Aside from being on-top of my blogging, I'm also starting to use twitter more frequently; in fact I've downloaded the twitter app for my phone so that I can literally tweet and go. I will also start contributing on the wiki's now that I'm done with all my exams (finally!!). The way I see it is that if the other contributions (blogs and twitter) are relatively easy and fun, this (wiki) shouldn't be any different. I'm actually looking forward to see what I can contribute a relatively completed site (hopefully something :] ).

I enjoy this type of learning (so far), nothing difficult has arise (so far) and hopefully it stays that way. Not to say that I'm scare of a challenge, because that's not the case, I'm just happy that I can be laid-back for this class and actually enjoy what I'm learning :].

Monday, March 15, 2010

Modeling Reality with Virtual Worlds

Virtual worlds like Second life is becoming more and more popular. One can have the same or a completely different life than the one people have in real life. For instance, recession weary consumers are more cost savvy now, they are more hesitant when it comes to buying expensive brand name products in the real world; but for a small price you can buy all you want in the virtual world. "Ms. Tompkins, 37, a k a Ms. Mornington, lives in Brooklyn and is “on a budget like everyone else in the city.” Online, however, she has an inventory that BeyoncĂ© might envy — some 40,000 items including shoes, handbags and other extras." In fact products sold in the virtual world amount to 1-2 billion in real dollars. (

According the CNN, businesses are using the virtual world as well; holding private virtual meetings. This cuts traveling expenses and allow people from all over the world to meet up and interact in a convenient location. ( I guess this is pretty similar to a chatroom, but now people will have their own avatar. Others will be able to see how creative you are by how you design and dress your avatar, making it more intimate than chatrooms.

Some of the cons to the virtual world are pretty much the same for social networking such as, there's nothing like face to face contact. One might get too caught up in it and start ignoring the real world, which can cause a lot of problems. Nevertheless, the virtual world is easier to maintain, one doesn't have to worry about going into debt in it or money for that matter (since everything costs much less). There are definitely many possibilities for the future of the virtual world, both with pros and cons. One idea that comes to mind is the movie "Surrogates", where people stop going outdoors and stop caring about personal hygiene's altogether, but now people with disabilities, such as someone without legs, will be able to feel the thrill of running (in the movie "Avatar" as well).

Twitter: Discussion

I find the twitter discussions to be very interesting. Due to the limited amount of words we can input, I had to really think of what I should put and be straight to the point. The layout for twitter allows you to see who wrote what and when. Plus the #3810XZ24A made things very organize. But I notice that not everyone used it, making the page look very messy!! >:o

Twitter discussion is better than the BB discussion board simply because it's not on blackboard. It's much more user-friendly, rather than navigating through blackboard which can be a pain. But, I do like the fact that you can simply reply to someone's posting and see others reply as well in BB compare with twitter, where you have to type "RT" and copy lines and it's hard to see the discussions going on with other people. But, compare to a in-class discussion, twitter allows someone who is shy to be heard, whereas they will just stay silent in class. But the face to face contact in class is definitely better in understanding what someone meant.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Social Networking

Social netwoking has pretty much spilled over onto the business/ corporate world. It was only a matter of time for businesses to get involve in social networking since there is so many people using it. Social networking sites like facebook allows anyone to stay connected; from being connected to your neighbors to staying connected with family members from across the sea.

But, with constant status updates and comments, one would think that only teens will have the spare time to do this. This is not the case, due to the various social networking sites available, there bound to be some SN sites that are more appealing to the older crowd as well. According to The New York Times article, the popular twitter site is mostly driven by older people ( This way the needs of various groups of people will be met. Plus adults can 'catch up' to their kids ;].

Corporate giants like "AT&T began 'tweeting' updates about the massive service outage in California" ( Customers will be aware of what's going on with their services and it can even strengthen their relationship with the company. Another interesting article in the New York Times is, "Tweeting From the Operating Room" which talks about a patients being in the operating room and the family members can see up-to-date status on twitter of what's going on ( This technology can definitely evolve to something very useful in the future. It's all about knowing information here and now, which is made available through SN sites.

However, there are also any problems with SN sites. Such as devaluing the meaning of friends, because it's so easy to add someone we just met for a few minutes. It also lessens the face-to-face contact with people, thus less socializing in the real world. Martin Baily states, "Powerful new technologies provide great benefits, but they also change the way we live, and not always in ways that everyone likes. An example is the spread of air conditioning, which makes us more comfortable, but those who grew up before its invention speak fondly of a time when everyone sat on the front porch and talked to their neighbors rather than going indoors to stay cool and watch TV" (

There are unquestionably positives and negatives to everything. But will one ever outweigh the other?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Check Out Social Networking Sites

Facebook is the only social networking site that I'm currently active in. Although the layout for facebook is constantly changing, it's still very user friendly. All the buttons are at a clickable distance on your computer screen. The tabs on your profile page is a good touch so that everything is organize i.e. wall, info, photos. Another great feature is being able to comment on anything, from photos to your friends relationship status. One of the area that facebook differs from myspace and friendster is that these sites allows you to fully customize your page via adding music on your page and change your background. You can also navigate through tabs on these pages as well. From the looks of it, it seems that all three sites are pretty similar. I still prefer facebook because it just looks more organize; everyone's pages look identical, layout-wise and color-wise, there isn't any flashy colors or music (some can be extremely annoying). Sometimes simple is better.

Linkedin is similar to facebook, but it's more professional, thus showing that facebook has a professional aspect to it. Linkedin is basically your resume uploaded onto a networking site. It shows past experiences, education, interest, etc. And the great part is that it can actually help you get a job without even applying!