Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My New Media Class - So Far

New media is definitely a interesting area to study, which is why I find this class to be very interesting thus far. The required assignments are all done and submitted electronically, this makes it very convenient for me, since I'm usually on the computer. This might also be the reason that I tend to finish this class's assignments before my other classes. Anyways, I find the readings for this class to be very informative and interesting. I had no idea, prior to this class that wiki's can be integrated into the classrooms; which is a great idea!

Aside from being on-top of my blogging, I'm also starting to use twitter more frequently; in fact I've downloaded the twitter app for my phone so that I can literally tweet and go. I will also start contributing on the wiki's now that I'm done with all my exams (finally!!). The way I see it is that if the other contributions (blogs and twitter) are relatively easy and fun, this (wiki) shouldn't be any different. I'm actually looking forward to see what I can contribute a relatively completed site (hopefully something :] ).

I enjoy this type of learning (so far), nothing difficult has arise (so far) and hopefully it stays that way. Not to say that I'm scare of a challenge, because that's not the case, I'm just happy that I can be laid-back for this class and actually enjoy what I'm learning :].


  1. Yes, sumitting assignment electronically is really convenient for me too.
    but, sometimes professor knows when i did if i did the assignment last minutes. hahaha

  2. Good point about the convenience of doing assignments electronically. Plus you don't have to worry about the professor losing your work or something since its online.