Monday, April 12, 2010

Advice to Baruch College

Although new media was used extensively in our class, it's rather rare for other professors to do use it. If I was hired by Baruch College to use new media to improve the College, I would definitely incorporate some of the new media tools I've learned. I feel that each course should have a wiki, this way students can share information with one another, as well as see the work that previous classes have done. This will allow students to have a better understanding of materials taught in class.

As seen in class, Youtube videos can be very helpful in the learning process, it's definitely more interesting and gets the students attentions. Why not create a Baruch College community channel on Youtube or on the school's webpage. Contents may include anything from giving a tour of the school for upcoming students to recorded class lectures. Hearing or learning something in the classroom just once might not be enough for people; this way students won't have to constantly bother the professor and other students about what was already said.

Whenever the semester starts, you would see so many flyers posted up for books. It's obvious that students want CHEAPER BOOKS! By just giving us bulletin boards to post our flyers in school is not enough, and not to mention extremely wasteful. The school should have a market place (similar to that of Facebook) exclusively for students; where students can buy, sell, and trade school material like books.

These are just some suggestion I have for the school. It's not perfect, but it certainly beats what we have now. The amazing thing is that ALL this is actually possible with new media!!


  1. The baruch marketplace for textbooks would be an incredible idea. It would benefit many students by making it convinenet and easy for students to buy/sell books, and reduce all of the wasted paper spent into those flyers. Although Baruch probably wouldn't want to make it easier for themselves to lose money.

  2. Videos are honestly more interesting. I like the tour idea. It can be very useful espcially for incoming students who dare not familiar to this school.

  3. i agree with you about the website where students can sell and buy books online instead of flayers hanging all over the place. And i believe starting this semester, One of the student created a baruch web page where you can buy and sell books so let's see how it works now.

  4. A Baruch College channel on Youtube is a brilliant idea. Before I actually enrolled to Baruch, I was looking for videos on Youtube about Baruch College. There were videos posted by students but there was no official channel for the college itself.