Saturday, May 8, 2010

About Someone Else's Term Project

Overall I think everyone did a great job with the presentations. But if I had to pick one that stand out for me, it would have to be Mike's project on new media and its impact on teens. The numbers and statistics shown in this presentation were astonishing. People who are constantly using new media such as SNS and the computer or the 'heavy users' were reported to have lower grades while the 'light users' reported doing better in school. Heavy users also have family issues while light users seem happier with family members. There is definitely a correlation between overusing new media and ones person life. Teens are the ones especially vulnerable to this since they seem to have the most free time.

However, the researchers don't take into account that people usually multitask while using the computer. So although there might be an increase in hours of using the computer, people/ teens may also be doing their homework assignments (since schools are starting to offer hw to be done online) while being active on a SNS. This will go against the argument that increase computer hours means decrease school work. New media has also allow people to stay connect with family, which can actually bring families together. Overall I think there are some correlation between heavy usage of the computer and one's personal life, but there certainly need to be more research done in this area for a more valid answer.


  1. Well I think the problem was that since so many children go on social networking sites while doing homework, they will do worse on the assignments because of all the distractions of the internet. Multi-tasking isn't always productive.

  2. I agree that teens also do homework online and its productive. Personally, in this semester, most of my assignments are been done online. And i feel that I tend to do better online.

  3. the problem is teens are so in to that kind of social networking sites. they have to be careful and pay attention from this bad effection.